For Overseas tourist tour plan"Nagaragawa-ukai”

【Gifu Wandering Walking Plan】

Guided city walks with private guide and French cuisine at Cormorant Fishery on a luxury sightseeing boat


The sight of a bonfire floating on the darkening Nagara River and the cormorants master

and cormorants working in unison to catch the cormorants is fantastic and exciting.


Before enjoying the Nagara River Cormorant Fishing, which has been handed down as an

ancient fishing method in Japan for 1,300 years and is under the protection of the Imperial

Family as Imperial Cormorant Fishing, you will take a city tour with a private guide to 【TheCormorant Village】, 【Nagara River Cormorant Museum】, 【Nagara River Promenade】and 【Kawara-machi】.


Enjoy an elegant French dinner on board one of the only three luxury boats available.

Fireworks signal the start of ”The Nagara River Cormorant Fishing”The boatman's pole

work will take you down the river, where you can watch the cormorants from a high vantagepoint.

We hope this will be a special memory of your trip to Gifu.



◆Gifu Nagara River cormorant fishing


◆Number of persons: from 4 ~6 persons


15:00 Gathering

 -Cormorant fishing master Village

 -Cormorant fishing Museum (Ukai Museum)

 -Nagara River Promenade

 -View from Nagara Bridge

 -Matcha green tea and sweets at Tamaiya 

 -Kawaramachi street Stroll (Old downtown street)

 -Cormorant viewing boat office

17:45 Cormorant story (omitted).

   *Enjoy the lively scenery of the boarding area.

18:00  Departure

      Anchor upstream, talk by cormorant fishing master 

(He comes alongside the boat and explains the history of cormorants, the cormorant's costume, the cormorant fishing method and the cormorants.) 

*Only for luxury boats, cormorant masters give commentary next to the boat.


18:30 Dinner

 -Enjoy 'French cuisine at Cormorant fishing boat' in Eauetsel.

19:30-45 Start of cormorant fishing


20:30   End




 Choose between an Omotenashi French meal or a full French course at Okamochi(Paper delivery Box)。

 -●《Gifu Omotenashi French lunch box(Obento)》

 -●《Full Course French Dinner at Gifu Cormorant》


 -Cormorant viewing boats


 -Plan Pricing/Details


◆Creation of original plans (tailor-made)


◆Please note


◆Gifu Nagara River cormorant fishing


Gifu Nagara River cormorant fishing Dates.

11 May to 15 October Every night except during the mid-autumn moon and when the wateris high.


A world of ethereal beauty unfolds at night on the Nagara River.

Cormorant fishing is a classical fishing method in which cormorants master and cormorants work in unison. The Nagara River basin boasts a history of over 1,300 years,

It is said that Oda Nobunaga was the first to introduce cormorant fishing as a method of

hospitality by " showin" (=attracting) cormorants.


Even Tokugawa Ieyasu was captivated by it! Cormorant fishing under the protection of the shoguns.

Cormorants have enjoyed the protection of powerful men of the time, such as Tokugawa

Ieyasu, who liked ayu-zushi(Sweet fish-Sushi) and had it presented to Edo.

It is said that Ieyasu, Hidetada and his son stayed in Gifu on their way back from summer

campaign of the siege of Osaka (1614 CE) and watched the cormorants.


Imperial Cormorant Fishing(The Goryo Cormorant)

Imperial Cormorant Fishing(The Goryo Cormorant) Festival is held eight times a year, with the cormorant fishing commencing Imperial Cormorant Fishing(The Goryo Cormorant) Festival has finishd.


International visitors are also fascinated⁉

World-class cormorant fishing on the Nagara River.

Charles Chaplin, the world's king of comedy, visited the Nagara River Cormorant Fishery

twice to watch cormorants, and is said to have called them "Wonderful! " and praised thecormorants master as "Artists" Many tourists, both domestic and foreign, are still fascinated by cormorants.


Cormorant fishing master Village


One step from the right bank of the Nagara River is a row of houses where

cormorants fishing master live together and take care of their cormorants

every day.

In this area, you can see firewood piled up in the yard, tools used in

cormorant fishing, and cormorants up close.


Cormorant fishing Museum (Ukai Museum)


The Nagara River Cormorant Fishing Festival, held annually from May 11 to

October 15, has a history of 1,300 years.

The value of cormorant fishing on the Nagara River, with its history and

traditions, is introduced in an easy-to-understand and fun way through

videos, quizzes, and a hands-on corner. 

Visitors can also dress up in traditional cormorant fishing master’s

costumes and take commemorative photos.

In the museum garden, visitors can enjoy a magnificent panoramic view of the

clear waters of the Nagara River and the lush green mountains of Kinka.


Nagara River Promenade


 The Nagara River running through the centre of Gifu City and Mt.Kinka are the pride of Gifu City and an asset of the region, as they still maintain a rich natural environment in the city centre and give us a sense of peace and tranquillity.

The promenade, which means "walking path "in French, is an important place of pride for

Gifu, where not only tourists but also citizens take walks, rest and talk.

The promenade is also a great place to watch from the boat after the boat departs.


View from Nagara Bridge


Nagara Bridge is one of the most important and symbolic bridges for Gifu citizens, with

many vehicles passing by throughout the day.

During the cormorant fishing season, the cormorant fishing viewing boats waiting by the

riverside under the bridge and the lively boatmen in the evening are an exciting sight.

A statue of a cormorant master stands at the southern end of Nagara Bridge and is a

popular photo spot for cormorant fishing tourists.


Matcha green tea and sweets at Tamaiya


It's time to take a break.

After a stroll around Gifu, we have matcha green tea and seasonal sweets at Tamaiya

Honpo and take a break to look at the garden.

It's time for an aperitif to build up the anticipation for the cormorant fishing season, which is about to begin.

Seasonal confectionaries represent the four seasons, events and landscapes of Japan.

Take a break and enjoy the beautiful traditional hospitality and matcha tea.

The 「Nobori-ayu」, a famous confectionary representing Gifu, is very popular. There are a variety of sweets to choose from.



Kawaramachi street Stroll (Old downtown street)  


"Minato-machi, Tamai-cho, and Motohama-cho"that runs west from the cormorant viewing boat stop is commonly known as ";Kawara-machi" and still retains its old townscape with lattice doors.

This town was founded about 500 years ago by Saito Dosan, a feudal warlord,as a river port town.

Later, Oda Nobunaga, who went to Kyoto under the slogan "Tenka Fubu(天下布武

)/ unify the nation by force “ took over the town and developed it.

Visitors can enjoy traditional crafts such "Gifu Uchiwa"(Gifu fan),

Gifu's famous "sweetfish sweets" and matcha (powdered green tea), Hida beef,

sake and gin made from Nagara River's underground water, and Nagara River hot springs.



Cormorant viewing boat office


Around 17:00, the cormorant boats arrive at the shore and the boatmen begin their lively


Gradually, the number of tourists begins to increase and the boarding area is filled with


At 17:45, a cormorant gives a very popular cormorant fishing commentary at the boardingarea.

18:00 The boat will set sail.


Enjoy 'French cuisine at Cormorant fishing boat' in Eauetsel.



Boatmen skillfully maneuver bamboo poles to steer the boat.

Soon the boat comes to a halt at the riverside while enjoying the view of Mount Kinka and the Nagara riverside.

Another pleasure of the Nagara River cormorant fishing is the dinner on board.

Enjoy a French dinner box and a glass of sake or wine while you wait for the cormorants fishing to start.


The pleasant breeze on the boat, the scenery at dusk, the chirping of birds, the happy murmur of the people - it's a heart-pounding experience.

Looking up at Mount Kinka, Gifu Castle and the shimmering surface of the Nagara River, you are amidst the beautiful scenery of Gifu,

Eauetsel's chef prepares French cuisine with all his heart.

When you have enjoyed the afterglow with a glass of wine in hand, there will be a fireworks display to start the cormorants fishing.






Please choose between [Omotenashi French lunch box(Obento)] or [Full Course French Course].

Please note that it is not possible to mix and match dishes.



《Gifu Omotenashi French lunch box(Obento)》




A combination of Gifu ingredients and French cuisine in a wooden box lunch box,

presented by the chef of Eau Etsel.

 A beautiful meal with a touch of Japanese sophistication, prepared with French

techniques using Gifu's representative Hida beef, sweetfish from the Nagara River, Gifu's

river fish: Chalco trout salmon, Oku-Mino-Kojidori chicken and lobster.




《Full Course French Dinner at Gifu Cormorant》



A full French course, mainly using ingredients from Gifu, is served as the chef arranges

them, one plate at a time.

The course is structured like a concerto, with a lingering aftertaste.



Appetizers: seasonal vegetables from Gifu, river fish from Gifu, Chalco trout salmon.

Second course: seasonal soup and bread.

Fish dish: Gifu sweetfish(Ayu) confit.

Meat dish: Hida beef poiret.

Desserts: Seasonal sweets


Five components.

Enjoy the pleasant breeze flowing over the water and the night in Gifu!





Going down with the cormorant fishing master’s boat

That's called “Karikudari “ hunting down.

A bonfire burning in the pitch blackness, inviting you into the world of classical Japanese picture scrolls.

The cormorant fishing master's voice, "ho-ho-ho", and the tapping of the oars on the boat slips echoes pleasantly down the clear Nagara River.


◆Cormorant viewing luxury boats


Unlike conventional boats, the luxury boats are equipped with bench seats on both sides of the boat, allowing visitors to sit on them with their feet flat on the floor, while the indirect lighting is dimmable and provides gentle illumination inside the boat.


[Shiratsuki(White moon)].

White" of white wood. The soft 'white' represented by Mino washi paper is the basis of the

interior design, and cypress and cedar wood is used inside the yakata to create a soft,

enveloping white space.


The Aiyama and Hanakagari rooms are also available.

Aiyama and Hanakagari have large boats and are available for a separate fee.



Plan Pricing/Details


City walking with private guide and [French cuisine at Cormorant Fishing] plan


Price: for 4 persons: JPY182,259 

   1 additional person JPY11,397 (total: up to 6 persons) including tax


Dates: Saturdays/Sundays and public holidays during the period 










<About the plan>


○Regarding the boat, We are planning to use the [luxury spectator boat ”Shiratsuki( White Moon)]. 

However, as there is only one boat available, it is on a first-come, first-served basis.

If the Shiratsuki(White moon) is not available, add the luxury viewing boat

Hanakagari(Flower bonfire)/Aoiyama(Blue mountain): JPY44,700 or conventional



*Please note that due to the status of the boat, it may not be possible to make the booking as requested


 *Please note that the guide's schedule, ship bookings and restaurant bookings may not be able to accommodate your wishes or may not be available. Please understand.


*Citizens and cormorants master live in the town walking area. Please act with moderation.


Please take care to avoid heat stroke and hydrate frequently as Gifu summers are hot. Please wear heat stroke-conscious clothing and comfortable walking shoes.


 *The Company shall not be liable for any damage caused to customers or third parties as a result of the use of this service, except where such damage is caused by the Company's intention or negligence.


*In the event of cormorant fishing being cancelled due to inclement weather or rising water levels, meals will be served at a different venue.




Creation of original plans (tailor-made)


Sake, wine and other drinks on request.

We can also arrange catering services with chefs and waiters on board,

flutists and violinists.


We will take great care to ensure that you have a wonderful cormorant fishing


Please feel free to contact us.





◆Please note


Payment method [Advance payment is required] Credit card payment.


◆Cancellation policy.


Catering cannot be cancelled even in the event of a cormorant being cancelled.

In the event of cancellation, no cancellation fee will be charged up to 5 days prior to the date of cancellation.

From the date of reservation 70% of the meal price 4 days prior and 100% from 3 days prior to the date of reservation to the day of the meal.